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New Prices

We now have prices for the two luxury custom homes, the 3127 and the 2733. Each plan has several options and we can personalize a custom change as well. Please contact us for details.

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Our large one-stories and options

With our one story homes, you’ll notice on some of the plans there’s several options that have already been designed to help you customize your home. We can further customize to your liking as well, fyi. Also, with converting non-hvac area to conditioned space, the usable square footage of the home increases. For example, by…

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Rates, Economy, Custom Homes

If you’re thinking about all that’s going on in the news, here’s some things to consider. Yes, the rates have gone up a couple of times this year. Yes, the economy is doing well. Recently, stock markets have slowed or declined.  Here’s the deal, the overall economy is great and the factors that affected the…

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LVP – Have you heard?

LVP, otherwise known as Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile, has entered the market in the last few years and customers of volume builders and custom builders alike love the product. It’s virtually water proof, the color is throughout, it won’t chip or break, and more. It’s being used in the San Antonio…

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Housing slows a little holding mortgage rates

Mortgage rates forecast for September 2018 Mortgage rates are better now than they have been since mid-April, says mortgage agency, Freddie Mac. It’s a great time to re-check the market. Dropping rates could help home buyers qualify, plus put refinancing homeowners “in the money” for a refinance. Better yet, rates could continue to fall. Crises…

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