Your Dream Is Our Blueprint


The steps and processes of building a home can be complex and we handle all of it for you to deliver you the final product of your dream home.

We know that you have many other things to handle on a daily basis and we’re here to manage your home build - you can rely on us.

Having said that, we love our customers to be involved throughout the process for peace of mind and to earn your appreciation and ultimately a referral.

We will start where it makes sense for you depending on if you already have your own lot/land and floorplans or if you still need to find your lot.

The process of home building varies a lot depending on if you’re doing volume community building or custom building on your own land. We have experience doing both and because of that, we know the volume efficient processes and pricing that can benefit you and those more relevant to the custom site-built scenario that will benefit you.

Before, throughout, and after construction, we are there with you along the way.


Find Lot & Build Site Evaluation

Home design and pricing


Start and build your Dream Home

Along the way – Together

Closing and Owning

Warranty and service

Blue Bonnet Dream Homes

Have a design and/or floor plan?

While we have some floor plans, we have experience building we are also very comfortable and experienced in working with an architect and/or their design and will price out to provide a scope of work, process, and price.


If you choose to do a mortgage to purchase your lot and/or home, we are experienced working with many lenders.  While we have a preferred lender, we’re happy to work with yours if you have a preference.  Getting a mortgage is not as hard as you may have heard but it does require detailed substantiation of your financial profile.  Together we’ll work to set expectations and you’ll experience a smooth approval and closing process.


Find Lot & Build Site Evaluation

We will visit your owned land or that which you think you would like to purchase and analyze the build site to make you are aware of any nuances we may see and which could affect pricing and could also help with plan selection and/or customization. 

If you need help finding your lot/land, we are happy to search the area to help you find the right parcel and can guide you through the purchase process as well.

Home Design and Pricing

Have a design and/or floor plan?

While we have some floor plans of our own, if you like one of our plans but would like to change some things, we are happy to accommodate your customizations and discuss them with you.

We are also very comfortable and experienced in working with an architect and will price out a custom home to provide a scope of work, process, and price. We’re also happy to introduce you to architects if you’d like.

You meet with our design consultant at our design gallery to help you choose just the right material selections, colors, and designs that you’ve been dreaming to have. We’ll accommodate your wishes and price out any particular colors, materials, appliances, etc. that you’re interested in having.

Blue Bonnet Dream Homes


This step is the most important because it’s when we are performing the soils analysis, engineers are designing your foundation and frame, and you are selecting your design and material choices to customize your home’s look and feel. 

Start and build your Dream Home

We will have a Construction Start meeting to review every request and selection so that once building commences, we are all on the same page for the smoothest possible process and experience.  We will review the blueprints, design selects and colors, appliances, mechanicals, landscaping, and more with you.


Along the way – Together

We will do various walk-throughs and inspections along the way at specific stages and of course you’re included because it’s your home and again, we continuously want you to have peace of mind.

Closing and Owning

At the completion of construction, we will walk through the home together again to complete any touch-ups or other identified items.  After a few days to complete those items, we’ll walk through to make sure those items are completed.  We will have been working with the mortgage and title companies so that when you visit the title company, you can close and take possession of YOUR Bluebonnet Dream Home.


Warranty and Service

After you close, we will not disappear - we are still here for you. 

We will schedule and conduct follow up meetings with you at intervals following your final walk through and closing to revisit with you and address any adjustments or touchups that may be needed.

We work with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, which are fully transferrable, and provides the most comprehensive risk management programs in the industry.


Do I need to already own my lot or land?

It's not uncommon to not understand the details of owning a piece of land and contracting and closing to build a new home.  You do not need to already own a piece of land in order to contract on a new custom home in Texas. We can help you find the piece of land you've dreamed of and simultaneously help you discover the floor plan that best suits your needs.  If you'd rather search for and/or design your dream home first and then find the parcel of land that fits your home, we can do that.  

The number one thing to understand is that we can combine the  closing of the land and the home all at one time and our title company and mortgage company, if needed, will work with all of us for a smooth closing.  

If I already have my own plan, can you help?

Whether you have your own plan that was designed by someone else, or you have one that you've designed, we can help you.  We have experience working with a great architect who can design from the ground up or take what you have and help make your dream home a reality. We're also happy to work with your own architect with you.

Once we get the plan on the right scale and apply measurements and materials, we can provide a price for your dream home.

Can I afford a new custom home?

Today we have homes that we can build in the $200K's and up. Building a custom home on your land is not as hard as many people think. We explain every step and can help you understand how you can even build a custom home for near what it costs to buy with a volume builder. Call us or fill in our Contact Us form and we'll be in touch so we can discuss together and answer your questions.