If you’re thinking about all that’s going on in the news, here’s some things to consider. Yes, the rates have gone up a couple of times this year. Yes, the economy is doing well. Recently, stock markets have slowed or declined.  Here’s the deal, the overall economy is great and the factors that affected the housing industry in the last recession are not present today, especially the mortgage industry.  So, while rates are still super, it’s a great time to move forward building a new home. 

While we build custom homes, we also modify any of our plans to suit your wants and needs.  If you’re looking for a smaller home to build on your lot or a larger unique custom home, we can help.  We’ve recently posted a couple of our custom type homes with color elevations that we hope you like.  Just see our Gallery page or click here for a view https://bluebonnetdreamhomes.com/gallery.